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Courtesy of Karen Koerner @ Morse Lake Living Magazine

Mary Piggott and Amy Huffman are the heart and hands behind Cloud Nine Cuisine. The Noblesville-based catering company specializes in preparing homestyle weeknight meals for busy families. They also offer corporate catering to area businesses, and can manage special events like graduation parties,  including event planning and catering services.

The pair launched their business Oct. 8. They’ve already hired employees. “It has surpassed all our expectations,” Mary said. “There is so much more need out there than we realized. Nobody else is (catering) this way.”

For their weeknight Meal Solutions, they plan a menu of family favorite recipes for the month, post it on their website and circulate it via social media networks and word of mouth. Customers can either pre-order meals to assure they’ll get what they want, or just stop by the store at 20817 Hague Road, Noblesville, to pick up meals on a first-come, first-served basis. The menu changes each month and includes favorites like Chicken Marsala, Enchiladas, Chicken and Noodles, Salisbury Steaks, and others. Mary and Amy can adjust meals for special diets if customers pre-order. Besides hot evening meals, Cloud Nine Cuisine can prepare lunches to go for work or school. “We have a lot of customers who buy for their elderly parents,” Mary noted.  For corporate meals and special events, customers can customize their orders. Amy said they’ve catered for groups up to 85.

“We definitely want to be part of peoples’ special moments,” Amy said. Their menu and presentation is casual to rustic, what Amy calls, “friendly food.” With their focus on family food and schedules, Cloud Nine Cuisine is the perfect source for graduation parties and other family get-togethers. Having Mary and Amy feed the crew leaves more time for the family to actually get together.  With sons in school together, the pair were casual acquaintances before they partnered to create Cloud Nine Cuisine. 

Three years ago, Mary tired of her corporate sales career. She told her husband, Brad, that she wanted to follow her dream of earning a living by feeding others. “Making food for people makes me happy,” she explained. “I knew I wanted to cater for families and bring them hot meals.” Six weeks into her original small catering venture, Mary ran into Amy at a school carnival. She told Amy she was running into logistical roadblocks. 

Amy had worked for years in her family’s event services company, and in a happy coincidence, the aspects of catering that stressed Mary were the tasks Amy found natural. They started planning, and Cloud Nine Cuisine was born.

Cloud Nine is not a subscription service, so customers can grab meal on nights they need it. Customers can pick up their hot meal selections on their way home from work or sports practices. They are open 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Fridays when they offer breakfast for the weekend. 

Mary and Amy are dedicated to meeting Cloud Nine Cuisine's mission to provide delicious, nutritious, and convenient meal solutions for your every day and special occasion needs, allowing you to focus on the most important moments in your life.

Find them at 20817 Hague Road, Noblesville, or call (317)774-5398.